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Every person with, or at risk of, cardiomyopathy must have timely access to optimal care that addresses their unique needs and improves their quality of life.


ICoN's  manifesto for the future of cardiomyopathy sets out our key priorities for the first phase of our plan to establish ICoN as a leading voice in the world of cardiomyopathy. We seek to encourage and support transnational and local initiatives that enhance the ability of clinicians to diagnose and treat cardiomyopathy, and we seek to promote research priorities for cardiomyopathy guided by the needs of affected people and families. You can read the full manifesto here

Manifesto for the future of cardiomyopathy care

Key Points

Manifesto for the future of cardiomyopathy care
  • Increased awareness of and education about cardiomyopathy
  • A culture of early referrals to cardiomyopathy specialist services

  • Provide high-quality resources with information on      cardiomyopathy targeted to specific audiences
  • Promote communication and collaboration between primary care and cardiomyopathy specialist services

ICoN's Manifesto for the future of cardiomyopathy care and treatment was launched on 5th December 2023 in Naples.


The manifesto has been developed based on desk research and structured interviews with experts in cardiomyopathy and relevant fields, including people living with the condition and their family members, healthcare professionals and industry representatives. Research and drafting were led by Karolay Lorenty, Kirsten Budig and Ed Harding at The Health Policy Partnership. The Steering Committee, as co-authors, closely guided the development of the vision and priority actions in the manifesto.

Health Policy Patnership
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